Career Hacking

Get additional help on your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, or career strategy from a human expert.

Eazl's Career Hacking™ course pairs with in-demand digital services and 1-on-1 services. Students can qualify for one free resume review from an Eazl mentor and engage our team of experts for the following services:

Career Hacking Services

Use cash, credit, or EazlCoins to engage an expert from our team for extra help with your job search. Save more when you pay with EazlCoins!

Resume Review

50 EazlCoins

or $14.99

Resume Edit

290 EazlCoins

or $59.99

Big 6 Skill Strategy

75 EazlCoins

or $18.99

Bullet Point Strategy

175 EazlCoins

or $37.99

1-on-1 Sessions

Cash/Credit Only


Cover Letter Review

50 EazlCoins

or $14.99

LinkedIn Profile Review

95 EazlCoins

or $23.99

Project Design & Review

280 EazlCoins

or $54.99

How do EazlCoins work?

You have the choice to pay for services with cash, credit or EazlCoins.* When you pay for services with EazlCoins, you'll save money every time.

  1. Select and purchase your preferred EazlCoin package--save more per coin when you buy a larger package.

  2. Receive your Eazl Wallet information with your account number and new balance from an Eazl team member via email.

  3. Request the service you need the most by clicking on the option from the menu above, navigating to the request form, and submitting your form response.

  4. Wait up to 2 business days for Eazl's Student Coordinator to schedule your service with an expert. They will email you to let you know what date to expect your deliverable and who will be providing the service.

  5. Receive your service deliverable and make upgrades to your job search strategy and materials.

*We accept EazlCoins for all services except 1-on-1 sessions, a cash/credit only service.