Cover Letter Review

Make sure your cover letter makes a positive impact.

It's always a good idea to have someone check your work before someone official and important sees it (like a hiring manager considering you for a role).

Nothing compares to an industry expert who can see issues beyond simple typos and understands strategy missteps, oversharing, or anything that makes your cover letter work against you instead of for you. In almost all cases, asking a friend or family member for career or job search help isn't the best choice.

When a qualified Eazl mentor looks over your cover letter, they’ll provide on-page, sentence-by-sentence editing notes and suggestions before you send in your application.

Included in this service:

  • On-page editing suggestions
  • Coverage of every sentence
  • Additional suggestions as the reviewer sees fit


*Eazl's Career Hacking services are always more affordable when you pay with EazlCoins.


This service pairs with Eazl’s Career Hacking™ and Careers in Programming courses. You must be enrolled in one of these courses and apply the curriculum to your cover letter in order to request a review at the student rate noted above.


Can I request a cover letter review if I'm not enrolled in Career Hacking or Careers in Programming?

The Cover Letter Review service is not available to non-students at these rates.