Purchase EazlCoins

EazlCoins are credits that can be used to receive services related to Eazl courses. They are redeemable for Career Hacking Services and Skill Badge services (like resume editing and Challenge assessments). You'll always receive a price break when you use EazlCoins to book services.

100 EazlCoins


350 EazlCoins


750 EazlCoins


2,000 EazlCoins


How to Use EazlCoins

1. Purchase your preferred EazlCoin package--the larger the package, the bigger the savings-per-coin.

2. Allow two business days for your purchase to be processed by a real human on our team and receive your Eazl wallet information via email.

3. Choose your Career Hacking or Skill Badge service, follow the directions on the submissions form, and submit your service request.

4. After we fulfill your service and send your deliverable, you'll receive an email with your remaining EazlCoin balance.

Check EazlCoin Balance

To view your current EazlCoin balance before requesting a Career Hacking service or assessment service, simply complete and submit the form below--your balance will be displayed immediately on this page.

If you can't remember your Private Key Code, search your email inbox for all emails from care@eazl.co.