Intensive Program

Earn Skill Badges and prove your skills by completing and passing Challenges.

Eazl's Intensive Program is an optional way for students to prove skills acquired from taking an Eazl course. After completing and passing Challenges, your program mentor will issue a Skill Badge to be shared on LinkedIn or your online portfolio as proof of your skills and work quality.

Access to earning Skill Badges is not included in your enrollment in an Eazl course, regardless of what platform you use to take the course. Skill Badges are not the same as an Eazl Training Certificate.


How Does the Intensive Program Work?

Enroll and complete the curriculum from your chosen course. See which courses pair with Skill Badges here.

Get started on the Level I Challenge and submit your Challenge response for assessment by an Eazl mentor. Use cash or credit to cover the human service or save with EazlCoins.

Receive your Level I Skill Badge for Comprehension, add it to your LinkedIn profile and/or professional portfolio, and we'll validate any inquiries from employers or clients on your behalf.

Get started on the Level II Challenge to keep working towards the Level III Skill Badge, which qualifies you for Eazl's Employability List. Your Program Mentor will provide access to Level II and III Challenge instructions when they issue your Level I Skill Badge.

Submit Challenges & Extra Help Requests

Submit Challenge responses, request extra help, and engage your program mentor.

To engage your mentor, submit a formal request that fits your needs here. Once your request is submitted, a Student Services Coordinator will reach out to you within two business days with details about when to expect your assessment results.

Skill Badges are available for the following courses:

Select a Challenge below and fill out the accompanying form to submit your Challenge response. If you are working on a Level II or Level III Challenge, your mentor will provide access instructions after issuing your most recently earned badge. To locate these instructions, please check your email for all correspondence from

Business Writing: One Pattern, Infinite Applications

Level I

Prerequisite: Enrollment and completion of Eazl's Business Writing course

Level II

Prerequisite: Level I Skill Badge

Level III

Prerequisite: Both Level I and Level II Skill Badges

Customer Service 2.0: Learn How to Serve Digital Customers

Level I

Prerequisite: Enrollment and completion of Eazl's Customer Service 2.0 course

Level II

Prerequisite: Level I Skill Badge

Level III

Prerequisite: Level I and Level II Skill Badges

Extra Challenge Help

25 EazlCoins

If you are having issues understanding Challenge requirements or are having trouble getting started on a Challenge (and you can’t find the answers you need in the instructions or grading rubric), you can request a response from your Program Mentor.


How many EazlCoins are required for assessment?

Pricing for assessment is dynamic, which means it is dependent on the current volume of requests. The current amount of EazlCoins required for assessment is noted on the accompanying form.

Where can I find instructions for Challenges?

You'll find all correspondence regarding the Business Writing Intensive Program in your email inbox. Simply search for all emails from Make sure you print or bookmark your Challenge instructions for easy access.

Can I use someone else's account to enroll in a course and complete Challenges?

No. We require that you enroll in courses with your legal first and last names and we do not permit shared accounts.

What happens when I complete all three Skill Badges for a course?

We'll add you to our employability list and, when your employer or client contacts us to verify your participation in the Intensive Program we'll let them know about your exceptional work quality and commitment.