Training Certificates

Communicate to employers that you are serious about learning and building your skillset.

When you complete an Eazl course or training, you can now receive an official certification from the Eazl team, featuring an official stamp, instructor’s signature, and professional information so that potential clients and employers can contact you.

You can include links to the certificate when you apply for jobs or submit proposals, as well as include the certificate on your LinkedIn profile, personal site, or within any communication that might lead to work opportunities.

As a bonus, we'll also verify your certificate should any employer or client reach out to us to inquire about your participation in the course.


Certificates are a great way to demonstrate areas of expertise and learning behaviors to potential employers and/or clients.

Which Eazl courses offer a training completion certificate?

We are currently offering certificates for the most recent versions of following courses:

Do I have control over the information on my Eazl certificate?

You can decide which specific details you’d like to include on your certificate, within the following categories:

  • LinkedIn URL (recommended)
  • Email
  • Phone Number

Your certificate must feature, at minimum, your legal first and last names.

The name you request to be featured on your certificate MUST match the name on the account you used to take the course. This means the proof of enrollment that you provide when you request a certificate must satisfy our requirements for both 100% completion and the identity match. There are many reasons we require this, all related to maintaining the quality and value of an Eazl certificate for other Eazl students.

Please note that we do not provide free edits to your certificate once your certificate is requested. Make sure you provide the correct information and types of information upfront (double check your answers on the form before you hit the submit button).

Request a Certificate

Submit your request for certification by following this link (you’ll need to submit a separate request for each completed training).

Please mind the directions included at the top of the form regarding the information we’ll need to issue your certificate. If you do not follow the directions, we do not assume responsibility for correcting the errors or notifying you of the errors.

The best way to guarantee timely delivery of a properly formatted certificate that contains the right information is to read and follow the directions carefully.

Why are training programs and certifications important?

You can get more of an idea of our perspective and where online training is headed as it relates to the job market in the videos below:

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Certificate Renewal

You might have a previous years' certificate for a class that we still offer, but we have since updated the curriculum. In order to receive an updated certificate for the current curriculum that reflects the current year, simply return to the course, complete any additional lectures or assignments we've added, and submit a new certificate request (you'll see the option for requesting an updated certificate on the form).

What other ways can I prove my skills for the workplace?

  • Eazl's Intensive Program enables students to prove their skills by completing Challenges to earn Skill Badges with the help of a mentor.
  • Engage Eazl's team of experts to design a plan for a project that will help you demonstrate your unique skills in the best light.
  • Enroll in Career Hacking and schedule a resume service to get real, significant upgrades that will help you make your case to employers and/or clients.