Resume Edit

Present yourself in the best light possible.

With the Resume Edit service, one of our job market and resume experts will go through your entire resume and provide on-page edit suggestions that they strongly suggest you implement before using your resume for your job search.

After reviewing each section of your resume in detail, your mentor will provide not only their edit suggestions but why they've suggested some of the improvements as well so you can develop a better understanding of how the labor market works.

The resume edit focuses on the following areas:

  • Significant word choice improvements
  • Restructuring sentences for clarity/providing guidance on how to adjust sentence structure
  • Resolving glaring errors
  • Detecting red flags that might alert employers/clients
  • Noting any additional information employers will want to know
  • Suggestions for moving forward with your search


*Eazl's Career Hacking services are always more affordable when you pay with EazlCoins.

"Eazl's team helped me make gradual and ultimately significant improvements to my resume. Not only [did] my new resume get me multiple interviews, the writing process helped me gain valuable insights on what my potential employers are looking for." -Elizabeth W.


In order to request a resume edit at this price, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Enroll in Career Hacking and provide proof of your enrollment
  • Complete the entire resume section of the course and provide proof that you have done so
  • Create a draft of your resume that both utilizes the Eazl template and applies the curriculum

"They were to the point and have helped me a lot to understand what I should avoid mentioning, what I should highlight, and in what way. It was a very useful experience, not only for resume building but for communicating effectively in general. Thank you again." -Georgia T.


How does the resume edit service compare to the resume review service?

The Resume Review and Resume Edit services are completely different. If you want to see, generally, how you did with your resume, request a Resume Review. If you want an expert to provide editing suggestions and spend more time looking at your resume, request the Resume Edit service.

Can I request this service if my resume does not follow the Career Hacking curriculum?

If your resume does not follow the curriculum from the Career Hacking™ course, you cannot request this service at the rate shown here.