Big 6 Skill Strategy

The solid foundation you need to create a resume that works for you.

When you book a Big 6 Skills™ Strategy service, an Eazl expert will analyze one job description of your choice, locate priority skills based on that description, and refine the language to create ready-to-use skill titles. You can then take the list we’ve made and decide which skills you want to focus on based on your work history.

Choosing the right skills to highlight is the foundation of your resume; they set the tone for the rest of the information you present to employers. This is why it is important to get your highlighted skill choices and their respective titles right before moving on to the rest of your resume. For this reason, we cover Big 6 Skills™ first in the Career Hacking™ course.


*Eazl's Career Hacking services are always more affordable when you pay with EazlCoins.

"[My mentor] is experienced. She helped me make my Big 6 Skills much more impressive." -Qi Z.


In order to request a resume edit at this price, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Enroll in Career Hacking™ and provide proof of your enrollment
  • Select and provide one job description for a role in which you are interested (review related lectures in the course if you need guidance--we don't provide support for this).


How many Big 6 Skill titles will I receive?

This varies and is entirely dependent on the job description you choose. We will provide titles for all of the skills we determine are important for the role, based on the description.

Can I request this service if I don't meet all of the requirements?

To benefit from the full utility of the service, we recommend that you enroll in the Career Hacking™ course first and complete lectures 1-6.