Project Design

Prove your skills to employers or clients.

Projects are a great way to prove your skills to employers or clients. They also provide an effective workaround when you are trying to switch to a different industry or role or if you are a recent grad with limited relevant work experience. This is why projects are featured in the Career Hacking™ course.

When you engage an Eazl mentor to design a project for you, they’ll take what they know about your unique situation (based on a short questionnaire and your resume) and create a detailed project plan that includes additional resources to help you complete it. We'll also provide one review of the project once you've completed it.

*Eazl's Career Hacking services are always more affordable when you pay with EazlCoins.


In order to request this service, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enroll in the Career Hacking™ course
  • Completed your Eazl-style resume + receive one review (at minimum) from an Eazl mentor
  • Provide sufficient answers to the questionnaire (provided at the time of request)--we can only provide the service if you put in some initial work so we understand what your goals are


Can I send along additional information about my experience and goals to help my mentor provide the service?

When you request this service by submitting the accompanying form, you'll provide information that we require in order to fulfill the service request. Please do not send along any additional information unless your mentor asks for it--allow them to lead the service and collect information as needed. This helps keep our administrative costs down and avoid passing additional costs on to students, which enables affordable pricing all around.

What will the deliverable include/look like?

This service includes:

  • A review of your career goals and example target job description (provided when you request the service via the request form) by the mentor who will provide the service
  • A written overview of the project(s) we recommend (including why we recommend various elements of the project)
  • A bullet list of components and details you should include in the final project
  • One complimentary review of your finished project, which will take the bullet list of components into account

Your project plan and project review summary is delivered via email and hosted in Google Drive for ease of use and access.

The guides and resources you've seen in Eazl courses should give you an idea of the functionality and design of resources created by our team. You can expect the same for your personalized deliverable.