Resume Review

Make sure you've got the basics down, detect red flags or glaring errors, and pinpoint problem areas on your resume.

An Eazl resume review is a digital service that covers every section of your resume so you’ll know what you need to work on and what you’ve done well. You’ll receive specifics on what improvements need to be made along with suggestions on how to approach your edits and where to find additional help within the course.

You can also request additional reviews once you've made changes based on our initial feedback

Other use cases for additional reviews include:

  • You’ve made additional changes or edits to your resume and want an expert to look at the newest version of your resume

  • You are returning to the curriculum for a new job search with a new version of your resume some time after your initial enrollment

  • You received your first review but would like us to take one last look before you send your resume out to employers



*Save by using 50 EazlCoins to cover the service. Services are always more affordable when you use EazlCoins.

"The comments are short and to the point and I now have a better understanding of what to do." -Jaco H.


If your resume has simple issues like difference in font, varying text size, missing punctuation, spacing issues, missing components, guide words present where there should be your own content, etc., it will be denied for review.

How to Request a Review

Step 1

Decide if you are going to pay for the service in cash/credit ($14.99) or save with 50 EazlCoins. You'll need to make sure you have a balance of at least 50 EazlCoins to cover the service before moving on to the next step. Coins are available for purchase here.

Step 2

Navigate to the Resume Review Request Form

Step 3

Following the details and instructions closely, provide the required information (including your payment preference) and then submit the form.

Step 4

Wait 2 business days for our Student Services Coordinator to reach out to you via email with the details of when your review will take place and which Eazl expert will perform it.

Step 5

Receive your review via email on the scheduled date, read the notes they've provided for you, and begin making revisions for your next, improved version of your resume.

"I appreciated the valuable feedback on my resume. Resume writing is really arduous for me, so to have some focused, constructive feedback is really helpful." -Nyla M.


Do I need to be available for the review?

You do not need to be available at the time your review is completed. This is a digital service that is completed without your presence and delivered via email. We'll make sure we have all of the information we need from you before your review is scheduled.

Can I send along additional information for the reviewer to consider during the review?

The review is based solely on your resume--the reviewer will not look over any additional documents or notes to provide the service. If you are interested in more comprehensive help, take a look at our other Career Hacking services.

Are edits provided along with the review?

Edits are not provided. If you'd like someone from our team to edit your resume, you'll need to submit a request for the Resume Edit service.